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bootAble version 3.2 released

March 27, 2004 by Hayo Baan

I've just released version 3.2 of bootAble. As usual you can download it from my website

Release notes:

v3.2 (27/03/2004)

* Added option for allowing access to >16MB early in boot process, a recent kernel is required for this to work (EARLYMEMINIT);
* The WPS and the WPS Application files can now also reside on the image (WPSDESTINATION, WPSAPPSDESTINATION);
Note: Requires EARLYMEMINIT='YES' (done automatically).
* Renamed lvmrefresh.cmd and lvmrefresh.ico to lvmrfrsh.* to comply to 8.3 naming convention;
* Doug Bissett contributed configuration files for adding Back Again 2000 support (bootAble.ba2kws and bootAble.ba2kwsRC);
* Renamed bootAble.ttf to bootAble.font to prevent interpretation of the file as a true type font by the OS/2/eCS GUI;
* VERBOSE is now 65 by default (i.e., progress messages and error output of external commands);
* Added ability to automatically burn the CD (AUTOBURNCD, RSJATTACHCD, ERASECD, CDRECORDERASEOPTION);
* Improved defaults value determination for CDROMDRIVE and WRITERDRIVE (see bootAble.cfg for the new defaults);
* The values of EXTRACONFIGSYS, STARTUPCMD and EXTRACREATEFILECONTENT.n are parsed for $$ and %% constructs before they are written to file. This means that variables/functions are determined at the moment their final value is known (i.e., after processing all configuration files), see bootAble.norman for example usage;
* Added note on location of bootAble.myCfg on the command-line (i.e., it should generally be the first configuration file on the command-line, see also Syntax section);
* Corrected default setting for USBCDROM and USBSTORAGE;
* Corrected option finding for ATAPI basedev (if you used daniatapi and had both the daniatap.flt and daniatapi.flt files on the system, bootAble could fail to pick up the options);
* Corrected paths to cdloader.bin in burnCD.cmd;
* burnCD.cmd now burns the CD without having to create an iso image file first;
* Removed unnecessary options to mkisofs and cdrecord commands;
* Enhanced bootAble.wps so that it does not override previous settings for display resolution etc.;
* Corrected startup directory of the dfsee and norman anti virus objects;
* The SWAPPATH line is not aded to the config.sys file anymore when swapping is not enabled (e.g., on a boot CD using the floppy emulation boot method);
* Added check for existence of required (non standard) executables;
* Corrected a syntax error in bootAble.norman (sorry Doug...);
* At boot, the OS2 directory on the MEMDISK/RAMDISK now only gets created when necessary;
* Unicode keyboard setting should now always default to the correct keyboard layout based on the KEYB setting (UNIKEYB);
* Spelling corrections in documentation.

v3.1a (10/03/2004)

* Corrected unicode keyboard setting for german (GR) keyboard layout, now de.kbl file is used (thank you Veit Kannegieser);
* Corrected syntax error in script (noticeable when using object rexx or the hpfs386 file system, thanks again, Veit Kannegieser).

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