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NVU 6.0 released (Mozilla Composer)

December 06, 2004 by admin

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce availability of NVU 0.60, compiled for OS/2, from the builds webpage in my signature (you may have to explicitely reload the frame to get the new content). NVU (pronounced N-view) is the
next generation Mozilla webpage composer, developed mainly by Daniel Glazman.

Tell me (mozilla at if you see problems on OS/2 especially if you do not see them on another platform. And take a look at the file ReadMe.OS2. Have fun with the new version!

[ I hope the German translation is coming in the next days from Thorsten Fritz, keep an eye on <>. ]

Changelog from 0.50 to 0.60 (from
* still based on Mozilla 1.7.1
* rulers completely rewritten to fix big bugs and allow simulation
of vertical text in the vertical ruler
* Site Manager completely rewritten to allow editing of more than one
site at the same time and fix a lot of bugs
* Site Manager can now display the system's default icon on Windows and
linux (KDE only for the moment)
* Hiding and showing again the site manager now preserves its contents
* dragging an image from a linux file browser and dropping it onto Nvu's
editing area now inserts the image into the document. Other files
generate a link. In the past, only the text "file://..." corresponding
to the url of the object was inserted into the document
* too many bug fixes to list them all

Known Issues
* internal links to the help viewer don't work well and often launch an
external browser
* the -edit command line option still does not work correctly. v0.7
should be based on Firefox 1.0, that will solve this problem.

Cheers, Peter.

Unofficial Mozilla builds:
Steve's Warpzilla Tips:

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