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InnoTek WebPack now included with eComStation 1.1 Entry
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InnoTek WebPack for OS/2 Now Included with eComStation 1.1 Entry

Lewisville, TX, September 19, 2003:

Serenity Systems has reached an agreement with InnoTek Systemberatung to include the InnoTek Web Pack for OS/2 in the eComStation Entry 1.1 Product.

The Web Pack for OS/2 includes:
- The InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java
- The InnoTek Font Engine
- The Macromedia Flash Player for OS/2
- The InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05

For more information about the InnoTek Web Pack for OS/2, see:

There will be no change in the eComStation Entry 1.1 pricing to accomodate this change.

Presently, some of the components of the Web Pack for OS/2 are freely available directly from InnoTek, but restricted for personal use only. This license restriction does not effect the eComStation distribution.

Not having this restriction means that eComStation is the only
authorized option for commercial use of this product for installations with fewer than 100 seats. For installations of 100 or more seats, in addition to the eComStation branding, the package is also available directly from InnoTek, as described in the referenced url.

Serenity Systems is grateful to InnoTek Systemberatung for its
continued support of the OS/2 and eComStation community.

InnoTek Systemberatug GmbH

InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH, located in Southern Germany, offers a wide range of services and products to its customers.
Specializing in software development and project business, we have outstanding expertise in system software and application development for several platforms including Sun Microsystem's Java.
As an IBM business partner, another focus is on software development and services for IBM platforms and middleware. We have a large number of satisfied customers worldwide, especially in the OS/2 market.

Serenity Systems International

Serenity Systems International is a software OEM and ISV specializing in Managed Client Computing and Computer Telephony Integration. Serenity Systems is currently launching eComStation, an Internet/intranet enabled business desktop environment based on IBM Intel platform software and technologies. eComStation features Wisemachine (TM), the industry's first implementation of Mobile Managed Client Technology. eComStation and other Serenity Systems products are available through a world-wide channel of distributors and resellers.

For more information, contact Bob St.John, Director, 765 Juniper Lane, Lewisville, TX, 75077 or visit our Web sites at and

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InnoTek WebPack now included with eComStation 1.1 Entry
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