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Lewisville, TX, September 19, 2003:

NorthLAN Solutions, St. Paul, MN, Serenity Systems, Lewisville, TX, and InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH, Weinstadt, Germany, reached agreement to make support available to OS/2 users. The development will be done by InnoTek, which has demonstrated its expertise in this area with various projects including updated Adobe Acrobat and updated Java support for OS/2 users. The product plan includes a session to be given by InnoTek at Warpstock. During this session, plans for the beta and general availability will be discussed.

According to Bob St.John, of Serenity Systems, "This represents the growing relationship between NorthLAN and Serenity. NorthLAN has been a Premium Channel Partner for years, but now we are moving beyond offering products through NorthLAN. NorthLAN will participate in developing and maintaining products. We are working to develop service and support offerings with NorthLAN to meet the needs of users, commercial accounts, fee service providers, and enterprise accounts; taking advantage of NorthLAN's experience for over a decade in these environments."

When available, the for OS/2 package will be available to OS/2 and eComStation users through the Serenity Systems reseller channel. The product will also be offered in special packages with products and services, including offerings by NorthLAN Solutions.

NorthLAN Solutions

NorthLAN Solutions is a technical fee services organization which has been providing OS/2 and Warp Server support to enterprise accounts since the late 1980s. Beyond the OS/2 oriented skills, NorthLAN is certified on IBM hardware, including the IBM eServer xSeries product line, and software products including firewalls, Linux, and strategic IBM products, such as WebSphere.

InnoTek Systemberatug GmbH

InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH, located in Southern Germany, offers a wide range of services and products to its customers.
Specializing in software development and project business, we have outstanding expertise in system software and application development for several platforms including Sun Microsystem's Java.
As an IBM business partner, another focus is on software development and services for IBM platforms and middleware. We have a large number of satisfied customers worldwide, especially in the OS/2 market.

Serenity Systems International

Serenity Systems International is a software OEM and ISV specializing in Managed Client Computing and Computer Telephony Integration. Serenity Systems is currently launching eComStation, an Internet/intranet enabled business desktop environment based on IBM Intel platform software and technologies. eComStation features Wisemachine (TM), the industry's first implementation of Mobile Managed Client Technology. eComStation and other Serenity Systems products are available through a world-wide channel of distributors and resellers.

For more information, contact Bob St.John, Director, 765 Juniper Lane, Lewisville, TX, 75077 or visit our Web sites at and

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