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Opening of planned deliveries of eComStation to AMT company
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Opening of planned deliveries of eComStation to AMT company

2003-01-27 16:36:08 -- Eugene Gorbunoff [eCo Software, press-releases]

eComStation operating system serves as a base of drilling simulators for oilmen and gasmen which 'Automation Monitoring of Technologies' delivers to russian petroleum companies for personnel education.

'Automation Monitoring of Technologies' is working on automatization of technological processes in oil and gas industry in the course of ten years already and became the leader in this sector of market.

eCo Software is the company which distributes russian eComStation in ex USSR as well creates and promotes its own software solutions.

Comunicati stampa su eComStation  [Tutti] 2.0.4 GA Released
 (May 29 2007)

eComStation 1.2R Italian released
 (August 25 2006)

Serenity Systems International Opens Beta Program for 2.0 Release of eComStation
 (January 10 2006)

Serenity Systems announces Serenity Virtual Station
 (January 31 2004) for eComStation users
 (September 20 2003)

InnoTek WebPack now included with eComStation 1.1 Entry
 (September 20 2003)

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