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Solution Technology and Serenity Systems Joint Press Release
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Boca Raton, Florida, 11 April 2001

Solution Technology and Serenity Systems Joint Press Release

Solution Technology and Serenity Systems are pleased to announce an agreement whereby STi will provide their Applause Image Utility (which includes the TWAIN for OS/2 Consumer Driver Pack) with eComStation (eCS), Serenity Systems' new PC desktop workstation software based on IBM technology. Upgrades and support will be available directly from Solution Technology.

As part of the agreement, Solution Technology and Serenity Systems will evaluate additional device driver development for both TWAIN and USB.

"Applause is an excellent entry level image utility (please see which includes STi's Consumer Driver Pack with support for "family" drivers for SCSI scanners from HP, Fujitsu, and EPSON scanners.", said Bob St. John, Director of Serenity Systems. "From a value perspective ... if the eCS user is interested in supporting a scanner this is an excellent value. The Applause Image Utility has a suggested retail price of approximately $85."

The various TWAIN for OS/2 (SM) driver packs being refreshed and updated to the TWAIN 1.8 specification. The current version is compliant to the TWAIN 1.6 specifcation. STi has also stabilized the product and updated the various TWAIN Data Sources (scanner drivers) with some newer scanner models:


  • Scanjet 62xx, 63xx (SCSI)
  • Scanjet 5300 (Parallel) [1]
[1] ****** NOTE may be removed at last minute since it's been put on hold by customer


  • ScanPartner M4097D (SCSI)
  • ScanPartner M3091DC (SCSI)
  • ScanPartner 10C, 15C, 600C (SCSI) - color added


  • Stabilization of current driver operation
  • Current support to the Expression 636 (SCSI)

The Applause Image Utility (TM) has been refreshed and updated to the TWAIN 1.8 compliance For more and updated information on currently supported devices please visit on our web site.

STi is pleased to add these features to eComStation (TM) because we believe that more and more users desire the ability to do image and document management on their PCs, getting images ready for use on web sites and html documents. It is the perfect complement to PMView, which has significant features for editing these images.

"Adding our scanner drivers and a simple imaging utility to eComStation certainly rounds out the extensive support currently provided by eCS. It's great news for eCS users. Now scanning and imaging will be sold as part of operating environment.", said Leon Zetekoff, Product Manager of Solution Technology. "We will release the next production versions of Applause, the TWAIN for OS/2 driver packs, and ReView 2000 (TM) as close to the eCS GA as possible which will make all of our existing and new users very happy."

Here are the details of STi's Software:

STi is delighted to announce availability of new products as well as software enhancements and upgrades. These announcements cover:
  • TWAIN for OS/2 Scanner Drivers
  • Barcode Anywhere (TM)
  • Review 2000 Document Manager
The driver enhancements bring major improvements in usability and function, plus support for current standard interfaces. The new BarCode Anywhere core sets new records for speed and accuracy. Enhanced reading ranges and resolutions contribute to increased accuracy and speed in a production environment.

The flagship document management system, Review 2000, has substantially extended flexability, uses the best database available - DB2, and centralizes management in complex multi-user environments. Review 2000 can migrate Review 1.x and 2.X databases into Review 2000 without requiring Btreive indexes, making conversion simple.

TWAIN for OS/2 Scanner Drivers - GA May 2001, Release Candidate April 2001

    New Products
  • -->VisualInfo to TWAIN Driver Adapter
  • -->HP 62xx/63xx support
  • -->Fujitsu 3091 duplex color support
  • -->Fujitsu 4097 duplex high speed support
    Driver Core upgraded for:
  • -->upgrades for improved multi-platform portability
  • upgrades for using core in nonstandard environments
  • upgrades for scan ahead
  • upgrades for TWAIN 1.8 specification compliance
    HP Driver:
  • dual mode core upgrade
  • -->Added HP 6300 support
  • Regression Tested earlier models
  • HP parallel support in development (5300)

TWAIN Scanner Drivers - Work In Progress:

    Fujitsu drivers:
  • -->Support for 4097 duplex bw/gray ADF/flatbed scanner
  • -->Support for 3091 duplex bw/gray/color ADF only scanner
  • -->Update of current Fujitsu support (10c/15c/600c) to include color
  • Regression Testing of earlier models
    EPSON Drivers:
  • -->Stabilization of current family driver
  • Upgrade to new dual mode core

BarCode Anywhere - GA Q2 2001

    New 6.0 core engine
  • Sets new standards for read accuracy
  • Read speeds are still the fastest in industry (over 250pg/min 667Mhz)
  • Core engines multiplatform for OS/2, WinNT and Win2K.
  • Retains unzoned - all angle reading at production speeds
    1. -->Color/gray scale preprocessor (in progress)
    2. Automatically suppresses *any* color backgrounds
    3. Image enhancement processes to extend barcode reads down to 150 dpi (See Kodak 9590C and similar new Kodak's)
  • -->Barcode/Patch code resolver upgraded
  • -->Code-39 read reliability significantly enhanced forlow resolution images

ReView 2000 Document Manager - Release Candidate in April, Public GA release in May, 2001

    Upgraded optical jukebox support for:
  • Volume management (in progress)
  • Offline Volume storage
  • Storage Disk Arrrays
    New Tables/Data window display support:
  • Adds adjustable column widths
  • Adds sortable columns by clicking on column button
  • Adds user selectable display fonts
  • Upgraded DB backend access classes
  • Completed user access groups properties management
  • Moved all DB Admin functions from client to Admin program
  • New flexible store document manager
  • New and improved search engine
  • Certified on DB2 UDB 5.2, 6.1 and 7.1
  • Updated DB2 install information

Joint Development Efforts Planned

Solution Technology and Serenity Systems want to develop specialized implementations of Managed Clients using eCS, STi, and IBM technologies. These specialized, or vertical applications, will feature document and image management combined with improved reliability, manageability and lower support costs afforded to users of server managed client workstations.

While lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for user organizations the new products actually improve the ability to execute tasks associated with document and imaging management. These products will be marketed to consultants and fee service providers who can resell the products to users, or provide these line of business applications as part of the Serenity Systems channel partner program.

Serenity Systems is working with Jacaranda Business Systems, Toronto, Canada, to recruit qualified consultants and technical professionals to market these vertical applications as products or as fee service contracts. Programs will be focused on the needs of large and small users alike, with a range of image and document management equirements.

An important feature of the relationship between the two companies will be the intent to create imaging and document management networks utilizing imaging technology from Solution Technology and workstation management features from eComStation. The resulting document management networks will feature powerful document and image management running in an extremely cost effective computing environment.

An example of these products can be seen as part of a contract recently awarded to STi by a small county government which will use STi's ReView 2000 Document Manager supporting a 10 seat eComStation environment with IBM's Warp Server for eBusiness network and IBM's DB2 for a "Document Records Imaging System". As part of this contract, STi will enhance Review 2000 to add fee processing and accounting as well as aiding in the reconciliation process.

ReView 2000 will have certain additional enhancements performed to add the capability to charge for page printing from publicly accessible document search and viewing stations.

Solution Technology, Inc.

STi is a leading supplier of components for image analysis, data-entry, document management applications, and device driver development. Other barcode, forms reading, image data-entry, and departmental document management products for OS/2 and NT are available for use in the governmental, transportation, banking, distribution, and insurance industries among others.

For more information, contact Leon D. Zetekoff, NCE, Product Manager, 1101 South Rogers Circle, Suite 14, Boca Raton, FL 33487 or visit our Web site at

Serenity Systems International

Serenity Systems International is a software OEM and ISV specializing in Managed Client Computing and Computer Telephony Integration. Serenity Systems is currently launching eComStation, an Internet/intranet enabled business desktop environment based on IBM Intel platform software and technologies. eComStation features Wisemachine (TM), the industry's first implementation of Mobile Managed Client Technology. eComStation and other Serenity Systems products are available through a world-wide channel of distributors and resellers.

For more information, contact Bob St. John, Director, 765 Juniper Lane, Lewisville, TX, 75077 or visit our Web sites at and

Marketing and Press Contacts:
Leon D. Zetekoff, NCE, Product Manager
Solution Technology, Inc.
Tel: (561) 241-3210
Fax: (561) 997-6518

Bob St. John, Director New Business Development Serenity Systems International
Tel. (214) 222-3414, ext. 101
Fax: (214) 222-3414

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