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eComStation Additional Software
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eComStation 1.2R CD2

Next to the up to date eComStation installation CD, eComStation also ships with CD2 which contains a lot of commercial software, freeware and shareware.

Some of the applications included on CD2:

eComStation CD2 installer

  • HOBLink X/11 Server for OS/2
    HOBLink X/11 Server for OS/2 is now part of eComStation, enabling remote access to X/11 applications on any xServer accessible on the network. The Applications appear as normal desktop applications.
  • Desktop on Call
    Desktop on Call allows you to access your eComStation machine without any client software, just a web browser with Java support is required.
  • FaxWorks
    FaxWorks allows you to send and receive faxes with great ease.
  • Tame scanner support
    With the also included Tame (SANE based) scanner application you can scan any document so you have a fullblown digital FAX machine.
  • VoiceType
    VoiceType technology enables you to control your eComStation desktop with only your voice and dictate textdocuments, emails etc.
  • Postgres SQL Server
  • Several games
  • Trial versions of commercial applications
    Trial versions of applications like Graham Utilities, Maul publisher, Pixel image editor and CoolFM are included as well.

For Developers we include:

  • A current build of the GCC compiler with a rich toolset that enables you to compile Firefox and Mozilla on eComStation. With this build enviroment you have an easy foundation to develop software on eComStation.
  • The Open Watcom Compiler. The Watcom C++/C compiler from Sybase is being maintained as open source project now.
  • The IBM MCP 4.52 toolkit with all the latest updates from IBM.
  • Free Pascal 2.0
  • Further tools included are tips and tricks how to write device drivers and a tool to conviently create helpfiles for your eComStation application.

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