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eComStation 1.2R
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eComStation 1.2R

eComStation 1.2R (» learn more) is the system component of the eComStation family of products. It is based on IBM personal computer operating system technology, and includes many UI enhancements, a reorganisation of the desktop to reflect today's Internet-centred computing world, additional networking technology to allow connecting to the latest broadband Internet connections such as Cable, ISDN and xDSL, and the further improved installation routine makes installing easier than ever on both cutting-edge and legacy hardware.

eComStation 1.2R now includes the HobLink X11 server, enabling the user to connect to unix-based systems as well as a local running X desktop (» read more)
It also includes the InnoTek Web Pack which features the InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java (bringing support for Java 1.4.2), the InnoTek Font Engine (enabling font anti-aliasing in selected aplications, most notably the webbrowser and, the InnoTek Macromedia Flash Player, and the InnoTek Kit for Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.05. (» read more)

Other enhancements include improved laptop support, updated volume management support, an updated and improved multimedia installer with support for more types of multimedia "out of the box", improved support for the Windows NTFS file system, and an enhanced system editor.

Let eComStation's stability, flexibility, and performance get the most out of your information technology hardware!

» eComStation 1.2 Product Announcement (PDF)
» eComStation 1.2R in more detail
» Where to purchase?

eComStation 1.2R Academic

The eComStation 1.2R Academic Edition is available to those who are either student or tutor in an academic institution. It consists of eComStation 1.2R + Support Agreement

» Where to purchase?

eComStation 1.2R Multi Processor Pack

For people who desire to use the power of multi-processor workstations, the eComStation 1.2R Multi Processor Pack is made available. This is the only economical way customers can purchase an IBM developed and supported symmetrical multiprocessor feature for Intel and Intel compatible hardware.

While generally used on machines with two to four processors, this feature has been tested on machines with 16 (sixteen) processors and was designed, but not tested, to support up to 64.

Customers who previously ordered the Multi Processor Pack do not require to re-purchase.

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eComStation Server Edition

A complete Network Operating System, offering high performance file and printserver capabilities to your computer network.

Contains OEM versions of:

  • IBM Warp Server for e-business 4.52 (4.51 CDs also provided)
  • IBM Netfinity 5.2
  • IBM Lotus Domino Go Webserver
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server 3.02
  • IBM Software Choice Volume 9 for Warp Server for e-business and OS/2 Warp 4
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