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eComStation(tm) (eCS) is an Internet enabled platform for business desktop computing. The focus of eCS is to provide an organization with a set of world class business applications and an application engine which can support multiple API sets. eCS is REXX enabled and comes with support for DOS, Java, Windows 3.1, OS/2 applications.

eCS also includes HOBSoft's HOBLink X/11 Server product, providing users with an ability to support Linux and UNIX applications on an X Server, either over the network or on the same PC. Plans for eCS include an optional feature to run a copy Linux or Windows in a virtual machine.

eCS is about providing users with easy reliable access to data and applications while driving down the costs associated with support. This is accomplished while providing user organizations with greater reliability and flexibility, while providing tools and technologies to facilitate activities associated with traditional PC user and operational support operations, such as problem determination and resolution, software inventory and deployment.

Today's user requirements are difficult to satisfy when limited to one proprietory technology or API. And the power and growth of technology makes it practical to provide users with the ability to support multiple API sets, enabling support for disparate applications. The objective, over time, is to allow the user to click on an application icon and launch that application for their use without concern for what other elements of software, or even hardware, are engaged to support that task.

eCS is extremely configurable and suitable for a wide range of uses in addition to desktop business computing. eCS includes technology licensed from IBM which allows support of embedded device technologies, such as TV set top boxes but can scale up to support Symmetrical Multiple Processor support, up to 64 processors, as part of the base package.

From the business computing standpoint, this means eCS can run on thin clients, but is also suitable for powerful desktop support as an application or web server. eCS also can be ordered with a complete Network Operating System, including support for a variety of standard industry workstations running Windows and other operating systems.

As a Line of Business client, users can put an application on a CD with eCS, creating a desktop on CD. eCS can then boot from the CD and run the application directly from the CD. Nothing needs to be installed or stored on the local drive. All writes can be done to the server. Such a CD based workstation client overcomes many of the issues associated with network computers and a different set of issues present with PCs. eCS is a Line of Business client which is easy to support and almost impossible to "hack".

eComStation comes with industry leading technologies and applications, including two office suites, Lotus Smart Suite and Sun's Star Office, and advanced TCP/IP stacks, full network support, remote control software to improve the ability of support organizations.

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